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In 2022 we’re going to be looking at some industry “top 10’s”. We’ll cover everything from the jobs that give the most satisfaction and time off, through to more serious matters to bear in mind. But firstly, the top 10 careers most likely to attract psychopaths…

The DSM-5 (the shorthand for the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) defines someone with a psychopathic personality type as having an inflated, grandiose sense of themself, along with an ability to manipulate (or charm, some might say) other people.  It is of course a broad church, and diagnosis isn’t necessarily straightforward or easy.  […]

What is Mental Health First Aid (and why am I harping on about it in this blog?)

Warning and disclaimer There may be elements of what you are about to read that could be triggering to the reader, these are my personal experiences and relate to my recently completed Mental Health First Aid course, should this be the case please do ensure you seek further support (some suggested links can be found […]

The Great Resignation & How To Combat It

Staff turnover is a growing issue for businesses, and the ‘Great Resignation’ post COVID is a concern. What do you need to think about to keep your staff?  The expected wave of resignations once the COVID situation is a little clearer is predictable, people will search for roles with a bigger or better opportunity, whatever that may […]