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Fasting and Ramadan Whilst Working in Recruitment – My experience – Kasar Shaid

NO FOOD NO WATER but fasting is a lot more than that.

The blessed month of Ramadan recently came to an end for over 2 billion Muslims. I decided to write a short blog about my fasting experience while managing the demands of a recruitment job.

Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal is taken at about 4 am, I will use this time to try my best to consume a high protein nourishing meal, something like eggs or Greek Yogurt are good as these foods sustain me through the long day. Eating sensible foods will ensure I am productive throughout the day.

As the sun rises, it is time for my 1st school run of the day at 7:30 am, by this time I have probably had around 5/6 hours of sleep. I will arrive back from my eldest’s school at around 8 am and then it will be time to drop off my youngest at his school. This is a busy start to the day and once this is all complete, I’m ready to start my work day.

As 9 am approaches, it is time to change people’s lives; to make sure that I am super productive, I will prioritise urgent tasks that require high energy levels. I will tackle all my high-priority tasks before midday, as my energy levels are at their peak. I will then ensure all my less urgent tasks are completed in the afternoon. Working through Ramadan, especially when it falls in spring/summer requires careful thought and consideration, it’s important to keep well-balanced with my diet and structure my day carefully.

Ramadan is a time of self-care, spirituality, and nurturing our bodies, so in the evenings, I will make sure I get into the outdoors for exercise or lift some weights to invigorate the body. Throughout the day I set aside time to attend prayer at the local mosque, usually around 1 pm, this spiritual practice nourishes my soul and provides a sense of peace and clarity which I take with me throughout my day.

The support I receive from Your Talent Solutions during Ramadan is amazing, the understanding and flexibility shown by the company enables me to manage my time effectively, ensuring I can fulfil both my professional duties and religious obligations without feeling overwhelmed. Knowing I can take breaks when needed, whether for prayer or to recharge, boosts my morale and energy levels.

As the blessed month has drawn to a close, I am grateful for the blessings the month has brought into my life. It has been a journey of growth, discipline, resilience and spiritual awakening.

I would be keen to hear from anyone else who had a similar experience to learn more about how other professionals work through the holy month.

Thank you for reading, Kasar.

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