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Recruitment has traditionally been seen as a necessary evil. We don’t think it should be.

We started Your Talent Solutions in 2019 to create a recruitment agency that’s not only valued but liked by our client-partners. We’ll be upfront with you in all things, so we’ll be upfront here. Our clients are partners, and we are almost always their exclusive agency.

We don’t sell and move on.

By understanding your culture and your company values, we can find the right people for you.
We become an extension of your inhouse team.

Putting all of your eggs in one basket can seem daunting. So we often offer to find your first placement for free.
This enables you to see if you like working with us, risk free.

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What you’ll probably like about working with us…

We make ourselves easy to do business with

To make it easy, we offer flexible payment terms. We may be able to split payment over a year or negotiate a percentage of sales. It’s a grown up, flexible way of doing business – one where we respect your business and treat you as a partner.

We're friendly

Let’s face it, the recruitment industry isn’t renowned for being fun to work with. Most of the time we’re seen as a necessary evil. But we think working together should be fun even in recruitment. We’re a small team so you’ll have one point of contact. We’re all in the people business – and people are all about relationships. We build exclusive, long-term partnerships with our clients.

We’re open and up-front in everything we say and do for you

Since 2014 there have been more jobs than candidates. Everybody’s looking for the same person you are – so we’re upfront with you about your chances of attracting the best talent. Even if that’s sometimes a difficult conversation to have or to hear.

And another home truth. We want to see less of you, not more. That probably doesn’t sound right for a recruitment agency, but we offer a lot more than recruitment. See what we do here.

If we do a good job, your people will stay with you for longer. You might not need our recruitment service as much. The people we find, and you keep, will stay because they feel valued, rewarded, and looked after. That’s where Employee Value Programmes and Candidate Experience come in, and we’re quite good at these too.

We're long-term

You’ll always have one point of contact, who’s taken the time to get to know you and your business and where you want to take it. You’ll get to know them well. We love it when our clients suddenly realise that they actually like working with us, rather than feeling they have to work with us. Which is why they send us Christmas cards and pictures of their pets…

If we do our job right, we’ll still be working with you in three years time.

We’re here to Help Build your Dream Team

Get in touch with us today, and see why Your Talent Solutions is a recruitment agency that’s not only valued but actually fun to work with.

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