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Permanent & Fixed Term Recruitment

What makes us different?

Every recruitment agency on the planet is going to tell you that they find better people faster, or more cost-effectively, than anyone else. So do we! But the difference with our recruitment approach, whether it’s for a Permanent, Fixed Term Contract or Temp to Perm, is that we start our search where nobody else is looking.

We look beyond the ‘active market’

We look beyond the ‘active market’; the people checking the job boards and sending CVs, to the ‘passive market’. We have on-going relationships and conversations with top talent in industry sectors who are already employed, to see if they’re ready to move on. We’re out there making friends with people at the start of their careers who will be your top performers tomorrow.

Our time-to-offer averages 23 days across the board

Our CV-to-interview ratio is better than 2:1

And our offer-to-acceptance is below 1.1:1

Bring us the difficult roles…

We pride ourselves on finding the right people for those high-demand, hard-to-fill roles – often in technical and digital such as Software Developers. But we’ve also helped recruit Embryologists across the world and specialist Drugs & Rehabilitation experts to work in the wilds of Scotland.

If you call us with an urgent role to fill ASAP, we aim to get CVs to you in 24 hours. Our CV-to-interview ratio is under 2:1 – and our goal is to find that extra person and have them onboarded and at a desk within 48 hours.

And what else makes us different?

Our honesty. We know the job market is highly competitive with more people chasing fewer candidates, who can pick and choose, so if we’re open and transparent, we can solve recruitment challenges for you so much quicker.

We’ll be honest about what your budget can achieve in current market conditions and help you to plot out innovative solutions. This can only happen if we’re engaged in open, honest conversations.

We’re here to Help Build your Dream Team

Get in touch with us today, and see why Your Talent Solutions is a recruitment agency that’s not only valued but actually fun to work with.

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