March 2022 - Your Talent Solutions

Roll up, roll up! All roles/vacancies booked before Noon today, April 1st 2022, absolutely free!

Did that get your attention or what, LinkedIn?!  In case anyone missed it, today is April Fools’ Day! Celebrated on April 1 each year – it has been marked for several centuries by various different cultures, though its exact origins still remain a mystery. A bit like us here at Your Talent Solutions…  And so, […]

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In 2022 we’re going to be looking at some industry “top 10’s”.

We’ll cover everything from the jobs that give the most satisfaction and time off, through to more serious matters to bear in mind. But firstly, the top 10 careers most likely to attract psychopaths… The DSM-5 (the shorthand for the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) defines someone with a psychopathic personality type as […]

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