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This Month’s Webinar- Delivered to you, to View at Your Convenience!

How The Recruitment Market Has Changed – Why you may be finding it harder and harder to recruit

 In this months recorded webinar, we’ll be looking at the ways the recruitment landscape has changed since the year 2000.

 We’ll be looking at roles that didn’t exist back then, that are now the most in demand positions to fill across the country and the world.

 We’ll discuss the changing trends in candidate behaviour, what they do now they didn’t do then.

 And we’ll be looking at the key changes the worlds most successful companies have made to adapt to an increasingly animated jobs market.

 This webinar will give you an opportunity to sense check the refinements you’re already making, and give you a starting point and things to consider if you’re embarking on change.

If you haven’t changed the way you hire people for as long as you can remember, and you’re struggling to fill positions and wondering why it’s become so difficult, then this informative webinar is particularly for you.

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