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Ways To Attract & Retain Through Your Approach To Hybrid Working

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, many businesses had to adapt to remote operations to survive. Although things are gradually returning to normal, job seekers still show a preference for hybrid work environments when seeking opportunities. So how can we make this work for you?

Give yourself the best opportunity to attract the candidates you want by thinking about these points:

  1. Ask Your People: Companies should get input from their employees through internal polls to understand what works best for the company culture. During the hiring process, consulting with the human resources team about candidates’ preferences is also crucial.
  2. Make It Genuinely Flexibility: The flexible aspect of a hybrid work environment must genuinely provide freedom to employees. Companies should offer competitive remote work policies and support applicants in achieving their career goals.
  3. Opportunities To Be Social: Creating opportunities for hybrid employees to socialise and network is essential. Virtual happy hours, group outings, and access to networking events can help foster a sense of community. Supporting remote workers with home office payments and online learning resources is beneficial.
  4. Let Them Think About Time Management: Employees in a hybrid work environment should have autonomy over their time and tasks. Trusting employees to manage their workload and productivity without excessive micromanagement is essential.
  5. Avoid Micromanaging: Avoiding micromanagement is critical for a successful hybrid work environment. Clearly communicate goals and allow employees to determine how to achieve them.
  6. Proactive Adaptation: Companies should proactively address the changing needs of employees and provide career development opportunities. Flexibility in when and where work is completed is also important.
  7. Prioritise Community: An inclusive and community-driven hybrid work environment is more appealing to new hires. It helps create a better balance for employees working from home and in the office. Look for the balance.
  8. Give Them the Flexibility of Choosing Office Days: Offering flexibility in choosing in-office days makes the hybrid work arrangement more attractive to candidates, it’s about flexibility at the end of the day.
  9. Measure Productivity Not Hours: Instead of focusing on hours worked, companies should measure productivity to evaluate employee performance.
  10. Allow Asynchronous Work: Allowing employees to complete tasks asynchronously while providing specific times for meetings enhances the appeal of the hybrid work environment.
  11. Provide The Tools They Need: Equipping team members with the required tools, such as company laptops and premium software, when working from home, can be a deciding factor for potential hires.

By implementing these strategies, companies can create a compelling and attractive hybrid work environment that appeals to job seekers and supports their employees’ needs. This doesn’t mean you need to give in to every request or demand, again it’s about finding the balance. And your employees are much more likely to understand any constraints if you’ve openly discussed them together, and tried to find solutions and things to consider together

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