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We love recruiting candidates into technical roles!

Recruiting candidates into technical roles is a challenge, and who doesn’t love a challenge? The digital skills shortage is no secret and the demand for individuals with a strong technical skillset outstrips the availability of currently available candidates. This presents its own set of challenges and the specifics of this is a topic for another day and one I’m keen to discuss on a blog in the near future.  

For those of us who love solving challenges and who love technical recruitment this gives us an opportunity to meet and get to know some truly fascinating and wonderful people each and every week. We strive to find the best candidates for our clients and this means finding the candidates with the perfect blend of drive, determination, tech skills and a personality that is aligned with the company values and someone who will enhance and add to the company culture. 

This week alone I have spoken to candidates from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, South Africa, Italy and India and this diversity of individual makes every day fascinating. Candidates in the digital sector are always different from one person to the next but share values that are to be truly admired.  

Here are my top 5 character traits that all brilliant candidates share: 

Learning – Developers, testers, analysts, engineers and beyond all love learning, they want to not only develop great code but they want to develop themselves. This desire to improve on their already considerable skill is impressive. There are an ever-expanding bank of resources and online learning modules available; add to this ever more focused higher education and apprenticeship courses and the opportunities to learn have never been greater. 

Teamwork – Great candidates take advantage of the considerable skills of their colleagues and skills of the wider technical community to come together to create wonderful results. Finding the right candidates to enhance an already well-performing team means speaking with forward-thinking and collaborative individuals. 

Communication skills – Great teamwork requires great communication and technical candidates need to be able to communicate well with a range of technical and non-technical staff. They ask all the right questions and understand and break down problems communicating solutions in a clear and concise manner to key stakeholders. 

Positive attitude – Employees in the digital world love what they do, take care of a company’s product, giving their best work every day. Their desire to write great code or add value through amazing analysis drives a company forward and the love of their work and desire to succeed is driven by a positive attitude and love of technology.  

Resilience – Every person in a technical role has encountered problems, bugs, challenges and new technology they don’t understand. To be successful, resilience and a ‘never say die’ attitude is crucial. This ability to evolve and move beyond problems fosters growth and development and makes the best candidates really stand out. 

Speaking with great candidates never gets boring and getting to know a diverse range of candidates from every corner of the globe is an inspiration every day of the week. 

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