Will we be in or out of the office as we overcome the pandemic, or will hybrid working become the new normal?

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for everyone and as we look forward to a life beyond Covid-19 with the hope given to us by recent news on vaccines, I have been giving some thought to hybrid working.  Moving to remote working presented most companies with huge challenges to ensure employees were able […]

How I fell in love with classical music and how it boosts my productivity.

Music has always been a big passion of mine and in one form or another it has sound tracked my life and accompanied my day to day. I remember my first walkman and my sister (16 years older than me) giving me tapes of U2, REM and Sonic Youth when I was 8 or 9 that helped shape what I loved listening to now. Music was […]

Companies Take the Plunge and Invest in Remote Working

Office technology giant Xerox has found that companies across the world are heavily investing in tech, systems and software to help their workforce balance working in the office and an increasingly Covid-19 amount at home.  600 IT leaders from companies with over 500 employees, including C suite level, from five continents were asked about their […]